Tanya Trusler

BA Linguistics, TESL Cert., Editing Cert. ~ Simon Fraser University

I am a freelance editor and writer with an extensive background in the ESL/ELT industry. Though I loved teaching English, I wanted to take my passion for helping others communicate to a whole new level, and becoming an editor was the natural result.

I specialize in editing and writing ESL/ELT materials and editing websites, but I have experience in many other areas such as editing academic papers and novels, writing content for websites and articles for magazines, blogging, and applying search engine optimization strategies to boost website ranking.

I truly care about the success of my clients, and I will work hard to make sure your message is clear, accurate, and well organized. If you have a project that I can help you with, contact me. I’d love to work with you!


  • Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics major (Simon Fraser University)
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (Simon Fraser University)
  • Certificate in Editing (Simon Fraser University)


  • Editors’ Association of Canada
  • Tri-City Communicators’ Network

ELT Blogs

What people say

“I feel more confident with the materials that we deliver to our subscribers knowing that Tanya is polishing them for publication.”
— Tara Benwell
Head Writer at ESL-Library.com